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8 Platforms Where You Can Advertise Your Business for Free in 2021

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Advertising is a communication strategy used to promote the brand and to do it for free can be a little tricky. Advertising agencies solve your problem for so many questions like where you should advertise your business or how to advertise your brand. And the most important question arrives when you are a start up company, about how to advertise your business or product for free. Promoting business may cost you higher than expected but there are ways to advertise your product where you can promote the brand for free. With the right technique you can add your brand name in one of the reputed organizations.

Your investment estimate decides which medium you should choose to advertise your brand. Advertising with paid services will help you to grow your business, but promoting your business can add more to your brand name. Sometimes advertising the brand or product may cost your fortune, it is not much of a help if your business is just a start up.

If you are having hard time to advertise your brand due to lower budget expense for business, you can still advertise where you can manage the cost expense or no expense at all. There are some available platforms which are important resources especially for start up firms or small business. There is still hope to contact your target audience, also to meet your clients, and make more customers. Here, we are going to guide you various ways about advertising the business, where you can effectively promote the products and services through marketing campaign. Different technique for different kind of brands, which will boost your advertising strategy, and also it will increase brand value. To grow your business, advertising play as a vital resource, and helps to establish existence of brand. So, without advertising your business will grow in dark, and you do not want your business to gain negative impact. 
As here are some listed platforms which will help you find the way to advertise your business as follows:

Set up Your Business Account on Google My Business:

 Google my business is one of the platforms, where you can advertise your business for free.  As new start up business your need to log in at this platform, and make money through it. With the help of Google business platform you will be able to found on Google searches every day. Google business allows you to link your phone number and location to Google+ app, and you can select the page to manage. Advertise your business here, and get users on your doorstep.


Owners of business like Hotels, restaurant, bars, and spas including other businesses similar to these, can benefit from this platform. Here, you can register your business, and get listed to search by users. It is a platform that provides information to the users in the category of dining, entertainment, retail, travel, and other professional services related to this category can be found on citysearch.


This platform serves to the small businesses to get their name listed on site to reach out to the customers. This platform helps every individual business, industry segments to register their company’s database on geographic level.


Instagram is one of the social media sites which allows you to open your business account, and offers you to engage with users. This application is available on any device, and an excellent platform to get more followers for your business. Here, you can create user engagement by posting user friendly posts, pictures, and contents, which interests them. This is the platform where you can advertise your business effectively without worrying about your expenses. Instagram has become fastest medium to increase productivity, and a place where you can meet your clients, customers, and target audience and get famous on Instagram. If your business is a start up then you should definitely establish your existence on social media platforms. It will give your business immunity to expand the area of business, and maintain brand value.


LinkedIn is especially known as the hub for professional businesses, and a place where every professional expertise meet. Provide formal contents for users including interesting facts that will indulge them into checking your business account. Here, you can promote your brand or product or you can choose to provide blog to the people willing to follow you on this social media platform.


A visual form of passing the message to your audience, it is the best possible way to advertise your brand when you are low on your budget. To accomplish grater good for your business, YouTube can be your best partner to help you out. Also video are considered as interesting way of passing the message to the public, and can create more than expected user engagement. It has established itself as most using application over the years, so by utilizing this platform you will be adding benefits to your company. It works as a tool to attract audience towards your business, besides you can post informative videos or trending topics to educate people. It will help you to appear on top searches with your brand name.

Establish your business in content areas:

Establishing business can be a tougher task, and adding content to your business will help you to add more to your business. Spreading your business via articles, blogs, and write-ups will be helpful to attract customers. You can add your company’s back link in your contents which will lead your target audience, clients, and customers straight to your business account. Articles and blogs help to spread awareness about important issues or general topic which is very much needed by users. These activities establish your brand value as you provide important information to the public. They will visit your site again and again, and it will create engagement on your site, which will be contributing to the cause of promoting business.

Make Yourself Available on Facebook Page:

Here you can establish your business from a small start like putting your cover pictures or profile pictures regarding to your business. It will automatically advertise your business, if you are able to pay high cost pages. The Facebook can lead your business towards success in a very short time, as more than two billion people are social media users. Post your product pictures, and contents about brand or product services in an interesting way, which will attract your target audience to turn into customers.

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