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11 Websites to Easily Create Videos and Animations in 2020

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11 Websites to Easily Create Videos and Animations | Webriology

You already know that an image says more than a thousand words, and when it comes to publicizing a product or explaining an idea, the best option is to present it creatively using a video or animations.

In this post, I show you 11 web applications with which you can create your videos through a simple process.

Dare to try them, sure that you will find one that will be of interest to you.

1. FlexClip

FlexClip - Create Video and Animation | Webriology

It allows you to create, reproduce, and share stories in presentations in which you can include videos and images. The platform works with voice narrations ideal for tutorials or explaining the information presented.

You can also make videos from a template where they can be personalized with their own images, add texts, and add audios. FlexClip offers plans starting at $ 4.99 a month.

2. Wideo

In this service, you can use your own images and audio, easily animate objects and text, and share your creations.

There is a free plan, in which you can create videos of up to 45 seconds, free forever and others for a fee, but there are also special plans for educators and companies.

Wideo - Create Video and Animation | Webriology

3. Powtoon

Powtoon is a great tool for editing animated slideshows, fun animated videos, with cartoons, sounds, and background music. You can use it for free and unlimited, and it has a large number of pre-designed templates, as well as different characters, fonts, and elements that will make your presentations more original and fun. Also, you have a lot of tips and tutorials on his blog.

To use the service, simply create an account with your email or use your Facebook, Google, or Linkedin accounts to log in. The free license has fewer templates and characters but enough to make a very visual project. Of course, keep in mind that the free license includes the PowToon logo when you export the video.

With a Premium subscription, you get access to a huge collection of sounds, and additional images, and you can make longer presentations.

Powtoon - Create Video and Animation | Webriology

4. Biteable

A simple and free tool allows you to create pleasant videos in a matter of a few minutes by merely selecting some pre-designed animations to which you can enter text, colors, photos, and music. The finished videos can be sent via email.

Biteable - Create Video and Animation | Webriology

5. Videoscribe

Videoscribe is a very powerful tool for creating animated videos. It allows you to create videos with animations in the style of a whiteboard, it is as if you had your own digital canvas to add drawings, text, colors, and sounds, and create a video-presentation with them.

You have more than 1000 images, melodies, and fonts to use. The free license allows you to use all the functionalities without limitations for 7 days.

Videoscribe - Create Video and Animation | Webriology

6. Visme

It is a tool to create all kinds of visual content (create animations and videos). Start by choosing a template or a blank sheet, and then personalize your project with the elements you want, be they images or multimedia files, text, icons, shapes, etc.

You can make your project public or private and share, download or embed it on your website.

Visme - Create Visual Content | Webriology

7. Moovly

Moovly allows you to create both videos and presentations using the predefined templates and their multimedia gallery. If you wish, you can upload your own images, sounds, and videos.

The free version lets you create unlimited videos of up to 10 minutes, but its storage space is small (100 MB), and it only gives you approximately 20 files to save.

Moovly - Create Video and Presentation | Webriology

8. MakeWebVideo

MakeWebVideo is a platform for video production based on Adobe After Effects templates. In addition to creating animated videos, it offers production of business videos, promotional videos, web videos, videos for sales, and mobile applications.

To start creating animations like a professional, you just have to select the template of your choice and start adding photos, text, or music.

MakeWebVideo - Video Platform | Webriology

9. Vyond

Vyond will also allow you to create videos easily and quickly. It also includes a wide variety of characters, objects, backgrounds, audio, and sound effects.

If you wish, you can upload your own multimedia elements. The free license allows you to use all the functionalities without limitations for 14 days.

Vyond - Make Video and Animation | Webriology

10. Animaker

Like Vyond, it shows some characters and animations that make a very good visual impression, and that can also perform different movements and animations. Animaker presents a simple and friendly interface, which together with a large number of effects, animations, and options that it offers when creating the videos, make it a very attractive tool that can help any business achieve excellent results. It offers a free version and has plans from the US $ 9 a month to access more and better features.

Animaker - Create Animation | Webriology

11. Kizoa

This online tool allows you to create image presentations, very complete and free of charge, in addition to being accompanied by a good image editor to rotate, apply frames and effects to the photos you will use.

You can also add audio to the presentation, and text to images, presented in various animated ways.

Kizoa - create image presentations | Webriology

I hope that these sites serve to turn your presentations into fun videos, unique designs characterized by your creativity. Did you know these tools to create videos and presentations? Would you recommend any other?

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