5 Different Types of Keywords You Must Monitor for Online Reputation - Webriology

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5 Different Types of Keywords You Must Monitor for Online Reputation

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5 Different Types of Keywords You Must Monitor for Online Reputation - Webriology

Keywords have a specific weightage in digital marketing. From content creation to website development, keywords have great importance. And you will be surprised to hear that keywords are also responsible for building a brand reputation online.

Right keywords have the power to rank your company higher and amplify business revenue. Similarly, insertion of wrong, irrelevant keywords in the content can turn your business upside down.

That's the reason why the professionals of a reputation management agency perform keyword research at the initial stage of their process.

Here we have listed down different types of keywords that need special attention.

5 Different Types of Keywords You Should Monitor

Brand-Related Keywords:

Tracking your brand's name needs no hard work. You can simply type the name and get the list of results relevant to your searches. But what's difficult is someone spells your name wrongly.

Set up an alert using the brand mentions tool with different variations of your name. Include your brand name with some common misspellings and variations. For example, if it is Kellogg’s, use similar names like kelogs, keloggs, kelog, Kellogg, etc. This increases the chance of your brand to be more visible online and enhance your brand reach.

Products or Service-Related Keywords:

Your next step would be to research the products or service-related keywords over the web. Every business with a comprehensive range of products and services want to market each and every product online.

To understand whether the products or services are going well and whether customers are having a good experience, you should keep an eye on different social media platforms and review generating sites. Customers use these sites to create content mentioning the product or service name with hashtags. 

To manage your brand reputation, you must monitor these keywords as well.

Campaign-Related Keywords:

Online ad campaigns are very common nowadays. Marketers use this technique to advertise their brands and promote their services and products. However, to launch a successful campaign it is essential to use proper keywords in high demand.

Campaign keywords, later on, help the business to identify what people think about the campaign and to know the reaction of the audience. Many times people use the campaign keywords with hashtags and create content related to this.

Monitoring these keywords, you will thus have an overall idea about the campaign's impact on the audience and design the future.

Competitor-Related Keywords:

Market research is very much needed when you are up for bringing your business online and competing with the existing marketers in the same field.

The market research gives you an idea about the keywords commonly used by the competitors to market their products. Putting these competitor-related keywords, you get an overview of your competitor's business.

Getting an insight into their business, you come across the campaigns they use, the trends they follow, and many more important things that can impact your business. Have strong thorough market research and track those competitor-related keywords to gain a better understanding.

Industry-Based Keywords:

Your industry is your base. You have to follow what your industry wants you to follow. Monitoring the industry-based keywords you get an idea about the new trends and techniques and marketing opportunities evolved in the market. This, no doubt, helps you in building a strong brand reputation in your own field.

In online marketing, following the marketing trends and adopting advanced strategies are very important. And you succeed to attain all these once you monitor the industry-related keywords.

Summing up

Keywords are thus a gamechanger. Addition of right keywords into the content can simply make a blast while inserting a few wrong negative keywords can diminish the value of the same content in a second. That’s the potential of a keyword. 

From social media to online advertising campaigns to collaborations with influencers, keywords play a major role. But the game will be yours only when you make the use of the right keywords.

Are you ready to build a new site? Are you preparing to repair your damaged reputation? Waste no time and have extensive research on different keywords mentioned above. Monitor their ups and downs and optimize them wisely.

You can reach out to an online reputation repair agency for better results.

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