Healthcare Medical Marketing Trends in 2020 Lockdown - Webriology

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Healthcare Medical Marketing Trends in 2020 Lockdown

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Healthcare Medical Marketing Trends in 2020 Lockdown - Webriology

Patients today are giving more attention to their health and wellness and demanding better healthcare services to improve the quality and comfort of their lives. Patients want a better experience, and they have a multitude of care options to choose from today, as competition continues to grow in healthcare marketing London. As a healthcare marketer or provider, old marketing techniques will no longer help you connect to your target consumers. In the digital age, information is abundant, and patients and healthcare providers are leveraging on this information fast to make informed and effective decisions.
Consumer needs in healthcare is changing rapidly, and medical practices are seeking the aid of marketing professionals to help them evolve and connect both online and offline with more consumers, and provide these patients with fast, convenient and reliable healthcare. 

Below, we explain some healthcare marketing trends that every healthcare provider and marketer needs to pay attention to in 2020. 

The Growth of Content Marketing Beyond Blogs

Many patients are going online to figure out what might be wrong with them, and how they can get help for these problems, the latter usually including booking a visit with a doctor. To attract these patients, healthcare providers will have to create high-quality content that are engaging and relevant to the needs of the patient - content that answers the medical questions of the patient. 

Healthcare providers will need to go beyond blogs and offer rich content sources. MainHealth Cardiology is a good example, with its patient-to-patient online forum and patient portal offered on its website. 

Healthcare marketers that want to stay above the competition understand that content marketing goes beyond sharing useful information and specific diagnoses on blogs; but includes developing other innovative digital healthcare resources, such as creating educational videos, and communication forums dedicated for patients, and other smart tools and apps that will aid patients monitor their health wherever they are. 

The Advent of the Zero-click Search

According to expert estimates, zero-click searches have been on the increase in the last couple of years. Of all UK searches in 2019 alone, 48.96% ended with zero clicks. People seeking information on Google are getting their answers from the Featured Snippets or the Google Knowledge Graph. Usually, once search users read the featured snippets, they decide they don't need to click through to a website, consequently ending their search, or going on to new quests. 

For most healthcare marketers, the impact of zero-click searches will be minimal; patients conducting in-depth research will still want to dive further than the featured snippets and understand their symptoms, medical diagnosis, and treatment options. But in cases where searchers are looking to make low-consideration purchases like ordering new retainers or eyeglasses online or scheduling an annual dental exam, the impact of the zero-click search may be harder on marketers. 

So how can marketers optimize their services in this era of zero-click?
  • Claim your Google Knowledge Graph Panel, and ensure all information provided on it is accurate; a search user might forgo clicking on your website, and call directly to schedule an appointment. Update all information also, such as your hours, so search users know when your office is open. 
  • Optimize content for featured snippets, so that you rank higher on any of your web pages. The featured snippets can be used to guide users to additional information on your website, or prompt related search queries.

Growth of Digital Video Consumption 

Healthcare marketers failing to integrate video into their marketing strategy are setting themselves and their practice up for a significant loss in 2020. Videos are the new drivers in marketing today, as most patients will prefer to watch a video than read an article. 

Here's what to do when creating videos for your healthcare: 

  • Ensure your video is engaging, and that the information being conveyed is concise and relevant to your target audience.
  • Invest in quality videography equipment, or hire a professional to create a high-quality video for your practice. 
  • Tell your story in your videos; be credible and look for unique perspectives. Let your audience know why you stand out from your competitors. 
  • Show empathy, and ensure you educate and entertain your potential audiences with content that is engaging and interactive.  

Healthcare Marketers Increase Programmatic Display Spend

Most digital display ads in the U.K are bought primarily through programmatic advertising. Every year investment in programmatic investing increases, and according to eMarketer, 90% of all digital display advertising in the UK by 2021 will be purchased through this medium.
Although the healthcare industry is lagging behind other industries at the moment, currently accounting for just 2.8% of all digital ad spend in the UK, experts are still optimistic that investments in programmatic display advertising will keep increasing. Healthcare marketers who can leverage this medium can expect big returns in 2020.  

Increase in the Intent and Quality of Content 

Google released a new algorithm update at the end of 2019, which experts predict will greatly affect content marketing in 2020. According to Google, the update will have little impact on simple search queries but will affect complicated long-tail search queries that are dependent on context. To put the message simply; the intent and quality of your content will matter greatly now if you want to engage with more search users. 

When creating content, it is essential to keep your patients in mind and understand how your information is relevant to the questions they're asking and the answers they're searching online for. 

Poorly written and irrelevant content will no longer cut it according to Google. You should reach out to a professional healthcare marketing agency if you need help with this, it’s a good idea to hire a healthcare SEO company to assist you if you need help developing content that is engaging and focused. 

Rise in Social Media of Healthcare Marketers  

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in engaging and building an interactive audience. There's a worldwide community of millions of people communicating and interacting on social media platforms every day, and doctors and healthcare professionals are realizing its usefulness in finding and communicating with potential patients.

As a healthcare marketer, you should embrace social media, and not fear it. Doctors can combat the spread of unfounded medical claims and advice by sharing factual medical information with the public through their social media accounts. New information and groundbreaking advances in health and medicine are shared on social media, and marketers can use their respective platforms to demonstrate cutting-edge research, and attract patients seeking the latest and pain-free treatment. 

Increase in Facebook Advertising

Facebook has more than two billion active users and is still growing, making it one of the biggest and most powerful advertising platform for marketers. Every year, marketers from diverse industries increase their investment into Facebook advertisements, and healthcare marketers need to do the same to reach more customers on the platform.

There are strict regulations concerning advertising that present an obstacle for healthcare marketers, but new creative ways should be explored to use social media advertising in connecting with more potential patients and growing the online reputation of your practice. 


Marketing in healthcare is changing, and patients today have increased access to an incredible ton of information. Today it is extremely easy for patients to search various healthcare providers, and pick one that they feel is just right for their needs and care requirements. Patients want high-quality medical care at an affordable price, and hospitals and medical practices are meeting this challenge and ensuring their customers are satisfied and getting a positive patient experience. 

Need to connect with new patients online and offline? Get in touch with DubSEO digital marketing agency today. Our medical marketing experts will be happy to provide you with all the help you need. 


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